Karatbars Review – A Scam or Legit MLM Opportunity?

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You’ve probably seen the chance to make money from the Karatbars, and you’re interested in learning more. Many people assume that the purchase of gold does not offer any sort of passive income and is just a bet against the economy. Karatbars, however, promises to be a way for you to own gold AND get paid! This truthful review of Karatbars will clarify exactly what the organization is about before you enter. This will allow you make a knowledgeable decision as to whether or not it is right for you.

Karatbars Review: The Company

Karatbars International is a company founded in 2011 in the German city of Stuttgart. It provides easy and cost-effective ways to invest in precious metals and gold for those who are interested. Karatbars offers an e-commerce business with an affiliate network. Basically, in MLM, you are expected to purchase goods. Karatbars act like an MLM, and thus, calling them a network marketing company that sells gold and gift products in gold bullion would be fitting.

Karatbars Review: The Products

Classic cards are one of the most common Karatbar products. Classic cards are bits of one gram of gold mounted on a card of the highest quality. Why are these small-sized or weighted items so special? According to them, the reason is that these products are easier to transact and are a possible means of trade and payment.

The Karatbar Collector is another exciting commodity from the category of Karatbars. Also, Karatbars Collectors are cards that have embedded gold nuggets. Those professional athletes, historical events, and prominent celebrities mostly include their exclusive collections. Some of them are limited editions as well, and their cost is likely to rise over time. In the following denominations, Karatbars sells gold bars and gift objects in gold bullion:

  • 1 g
  • 5 g
  • 5 g

If you plan to exchange your gold back for currency, you can do so with Karatbars at their “daily guaranteed buyback price” or at any approved K-Exchange center.

Cost to Join Karatbars

Joining Karatbars International is not expensive. And if you want to purchase some reimbursement, you would need to purchase one of the starter packages under their plans. The various Karatbars International Community starter packages include:

  • Bronze ($135)
  • Silver ($ 350)
  • Gold ($800) and
  • VIP Package ($2000)

What decides the amount you can receive each period is the packages. With the Bronze kit, for instance, you can receive around $10. You will receive over $100 using the VIP kit!

Karatbars Compensation Plan

The seven different fronts on which an affiliate will earn from the compensation plan of the Karatbars are listed below:

  • Direct commissions
  • Bonus from Unilevel,
  • An incentive for generation,
  • Bonus for a kit,
  • Dual Team Reward,
  • A pool of Karatbars,
  • Gold Fund for Karatbars.

Every time you sell a new package to an affiliate you have recruited, the package commission is paid out to the affiliates. And is shown below:

  • Silver package commission for $26
  • Bronze package commission for $60
  • Gold package commission for $150
  • VIP package commission for 20% or $400

In the Karatbars’ Compensation Plan, there are primarily 12 affiliate levels. Whenever the agents below them spent money, the independent business owners or the affiliates earn a fixed percentage of the sum as the unilevel commission depending on their ranks.

For example, a distributor, the lowest rank holder, doesn’t qualify for unilevel commissions. But depending on their respective levels, the affiliates with ranks above the distributors will produce a unilevel commission of 0.5 – 5.5 percent. For each rank increase, the commission percentage increases by 0.5 percent. And it is sold in a binary format, which is paid out generationally, in binary commission.

For example, if the team of an associate reaches 50 sales units (for example, the Bronze bundle is 50 units) on one leg and 25 units on the other leg, then they are eligible for a commission of:

  • 40 EUR-if anyone buys a Bronze kit from their downline
  • 60 EUR-if anyone buys a Silver kit from their downline
  • 80 EUR-if anyone buys a Gold kit from their downline

The above are the key types of payment procedures adopted in the compensation plan for the Karatbars.

Karatbars Review: Final Verdict

We hope you have a crystal clear idea about this MLM business after going through the Karatbars review. It is always smart to broaden your MLM portfolio by adding one of the precious metals we have on this planet. Karatbars International is one of the few MLM companies that offers its commodity, gold. But if you to enjoy the fullest benefits while entering this industry, you must have other better alternatives.

Yes, karatbars certainly have many positives of their own, such as excellent preparation, premium quality product, etc. But it is advisable to thoroughly explore the other choices available in the MLM and select the best one suitable for your good career in the MLM.

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