iMarketsLive Compensation Plan

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You were researching the forex trading and digital currencies market and came across the imarketslive. Imarketslive is a forex trading business focused on a multi-level marketing structure, obviously from the name. This business believes that by actually doing what they’re trying to teach you, you can make money off it.

IMarketsLive (IML) has a very strong business model, but recognizing that learning how to trade in cryptocurrencies and fiat currency will take time and patience. When trading, you need to take a lot of variables into account, and even though you have a winning streak and you decide to get bold and make a major trade, all of your money might be gone in a moment.

Many claims that the way to go is small trades with little risk, but this is what you will learn in the training modules of iMarketsLive and live webinars that you will get if you plan to participate. Overall, it has a decent compensation package for the iMarketsLive opportunity, the goods they sell are well put together, and the company has excellent leadership. With that said, let’s dive straight into the review.

iMarketsLive Review – The Company

“iMarketsLive (IML) refers to “International Markets Live.”‘ Christopher Terry is the CEO and runs the company, and he’s also a seasoned Forex trader with 8 years of experience and numerous 8 figure earners in Forex trading.

Launched in July 2013, iMarketsLive (IML) was established in New York City. The business functions in more than 120 countries worldwide and is suitable for anyone searching for opportunities online through internet marketing and local or conventional marketing styles. In combination with Forex trading, iMarketsLive (IML) is a multi-level marketing company.

iMarketsLive Reviews – The Products

iMarketslive is a trading software that specializes in teaching trade-related education. They say the software is worth thousands of dollars because it can make you wealthy. They provide several kinds of products. They are:

  • FX Live Signals: It is a hands-free trading service focused on a system of creating and go. According to the major gurus, this means that you have to do nothing. All you have to do is obey them, and they will teach you some amazing forex facts on which you don’t have to work daily. Is this possible? I’ve also done forex trading, and it seems like a questionable claim, in my view.
  • Live Trading Room: You get to see every move of forex trading experts in this live trading room. They can lose or profit, but from them, you can learn a lot of stuff.
  • Harmonic Scanner-The Harmonic Scanner is a tool that will tell you instantly when it’s a good time to trade.
  • Trading training-This is their flagship brand in which they will teach you forex trading. In imarketslive, forex trading is taught by crypto trading niche experts.

Now, the question is whether or not these products are worth the investment and time? I have spent a moderate quantity of time reaching my final decision and have not made a final verdict on it. This is because there is a lot of mixed feedback on sites like BBB about their products.

iMarketsLive Compensation Plan

This compensation package is both easy to grasp and generously pays off for what I find in my study. In a moment, I’ll go into more detail, but you essentially have three legs consisting of the infinite depth of earning opportunity in your comp plan.

You want to arrange the pay structure as much as possible because, with many volumes and the other 2 empty, you would not be able to earn from only one runaway leg. People working with this organization who have never made a dime online or with some other Network Marketing company makes some great income with this pay plan’s framework and the product they offer from my own perspective.

The way it breaks down is that you can make around $600 a month if you are willing to sponsor only 12 people into your company and have them balanced within 3 legs with no more than 40 percent of the commissionable volume coming from 1 leg!

Recruitment Commissions Payout

You will acquire commissions on recruitment levels as:

  • 1 – Level one – 30%
  • 2 – Level two – 10%
  • 3 – Level three – 5%
  • 4 – Level 4 – 5%

Residual Income Commissions

Your commissions in this are directly proportional to the amount at which you are. They pay commissions of 8 percent for every place you sell. But you’ve got to unlock the ranks before that to make more money.

Recruiting more individuals seems like this:

  • Sponsor 2 affiliates: Earn on 1-4 Metrix.
  • Sponsor 6 affiliates: Earn on 5 and 6 affiliates.
  • Sponsor 9 affiliates: Earn on 7th stage.
  • Sponsor 12 affiliates: Earn on all 8 stages.

Are you aware that they concentrate more on hiring than on selling educational products? The best way to evaluate whether it is a pyramid system or a fraud is to speak directly to the person who is trying to employ you.

To get a better idea about imarketslive, whether it is a pyramid scheme or not, there might be two questions you may ask him. The first is how much money he receives from retail sales.

If he makes less than 50% of retail profits, so it must be a pyramid structure. Most of the company’s revenue comes from residuals in pyramid structures (distributors). Therefore, if more than 50 percent of residual commissions are made by the individual seeking to hire you, it is a pyramid structure.

The next thing to look for, whether or not it is a pyramid structure, is how many downlines you have for the person trying to recruit. If he has under his belt more than 5 people, then it’s a pyramid scheme.

Cost to Join iMarketsLive

There are two options for iMarketsLive membership. You may participate as either an IBO or a customer. 1. If you enter as an IBO, the cost is $15 to keep your company running, with a $15 monthly renewal. Being an IBO helps you share your IML goods and services with others, thus taking part in the Reward Scheme. Although we strongly recommend it, there is no necessity to buy a customer pack as an IBO. To take part in this Compensation Scheme, you must be an IBO. There are four (4) packages to choose from if you wish to participate as a customer:

Thus, you see you have two options to join, and these options will allow you to receive commissions by bringing more individuals into the business. Still, with option 2, you will have more advantages, as you can see from the commission plan breakdown. Not only is this an effective way to produce weekly income by sharing the products of iMarketsLive, but your company is at the forefront! They pay you every week just by signing up for these packages!

iMarketsLive Scam – The Verdict

No, iMarketslive is not a scam. It is a legit MLM company. The owner of the firm is Christopher Terry, who is very famous for trading. He is also featured in Forbes. It is not a scam, but the chances of you making money from iMarketslive is slim to none. Imarketslive is not what I recommend to people.

I found it interesting at first glance and after studying the several things that IML has to offer. When I first consider this business, I kept thinking that this is a very cool platform to learn how to exchange currencies with all the apps and hands-on education platforms it provides, plus the awareness of how amazing this is for a network marketing company.

Without employing a single individual for the software, equipment, and training, you will have full access to the Platinum level; moreover, you will receive an extra special bonus as a personal team member!

Another benefit will be that you will compete at the $15 IBO level in the incentive package and have no limits on receiving commissions with no constraints other than the qualifying criteria!

You are about to enter a powerful and long-term business (over 5 years) that has generated financial independence for many of the members through both trading currency education and software and also through the commission plan!

LifeVantage Review / Recommendation

If you landed on this blog and is a distributor already, I can tell you this one thing

Their marketing methods to promote the company and products is a bit out dated.

For example, what they ultimately want you to do is talk to strangers, make a list of friends and family and do 3 way calls to close them on the phone.

There is a must better way…

  • What if you could attract customers that actually want to buy your product?
  • What if you had systems in places that actually follow up on your behalf without you being glued to the phone?
  • What if you could SCALE your business without actually working harder?

If that peaked your interest, I want to show you how you can get customers and sponsor new reps online that want to join you.

The best part is we give every single student a ONE on ONE advisor to make sure they understand the training and systems so they can start implementing as soon as possible.

This is EXACTLY how I went from a over worked car mechanic to building a 7 figure business online without trading time for money anymore.

If you want to start crushing it like me, partner up with me below:

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