Financial Education Services Protection Plan and Review

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You’re probably reading this article because someone spoke to you about a chance for you to make money at home, but you were curious if Financial Education Services a rip-off? Financial Education Services is a multi-level platform that provides items that claim to help increase its clients’ credit score and help with financial security. One buzz about this product is that within months, they will raise your credit score. You will know everything you need to know by the conclusion of my analysis to make an informed decision over whether or not the FES opportunity is an excellent program to get involved with.

Financial Education Services Review: The Company

Financial Education Services is a multi-level marketing organization that, to name a few, offers financial services in the form of discount packages, credit cards, and life insurance. They also provide educational resources to help consumers understand how their finances can be treated and managed. Their priority is financial literacy, and they support their customers to have that. The company was founded by Mike Toloff and Parimal Naik in 2004, but it still sold VR products.

FES provides the opportunity to establish wills, trusts, lawyers’ authority with over 900 lawyers available and staffed by the organization to provide their clients and representatives with the legal assistance to get these services done. As earlier stated, the organization has been working for several years to offer its members and customers little problems with these services.

Financial Education Services Reviews: The Products

FES provides different options for financial planning and insurance. Here are the numerous services they offer:

My HealthCare2Go

It is a health benefit covering you and up to 6 immediate members of the family. This isn’t health care because you can’t see a specialist face to face. This service is more appropriate for not life-threatening conditions and allows you to speak to a doctor via phone or video call. This package also lets you save on benefits related to dental, vision, and other wellbeing. The cost is $29 and $24.95 a month to set up.

FES Travel

This program is for individuals who are always on the go and allows you to save on hotels, vehicles, fares, cruises, and other activities.

MyCare Plan

Some programs have to do with dealing with your properties and are known as an estate plan after you pass. This strategy includes your will, living trust, attorney’s healthcare power, and attorney’s financial power, and more.

Secure Card

If you have poor credit, this  Mastercard credit card helps you build up your credit. You get one based on a deposit, instead of having a card based on your credit. It costs 40 dollars annually.

Smart Credit

Smart credit is a service that enables you to track job seekers for your credit score, auto score, insurance score, and hiring risk index.

Ultra Score

Ultra score service provides you with access to the financial resource center of FES, payment calculators, and documents for financial planning.

Credit MyRent

This program helps your rental payments benefit your credit score in the same way you pay for a mortgage.


Items to help you save on mobile phones, legal aid, roadside assistance, and video streaming are more services coming to FES (tv).

Financial Education Services Compensation Plan

We will clarify how the Financial Education Services (FES) Security Services (FES) Scheme reimbursement pay plan functions in this portion of the study. In a one-level MLM compensation scheme, the pay structure is designed. Under the Financial Education Services reimbursement scheme, nine affiliate grades exist. They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria:

  • Agent – sign up as an associate with Financial Education Services and retain a subscription to a personal insurance package
  • Farm Trainer- produce $1600 GV per month
  • Senior Field Trainer- produce $5000 GV per month
  • Sales Director- produce $10,000 GV per month
  • Regional Sales Director: qualification requirements that have not been issued
  • Executive Sales Director: qualification requirements that have not been issued
  • Ambassador-qualification requirements that are not provided
  • Regional Ambassador-Qualification requirements that have not been issued
  • Executive Ambassador-Criteria for qualification not given

GV stands for “Group Volume” and is the sales volume generated by an affiliate’s downline.

This means that at your first step, all of your members fall. When your personal members share the chance of FES with others, and certain individuals upgrade into a member, the way you create depth or additional levels is. Your levels will rise profoundly as this happens. In the MLM sector, this is what is called duplication.

You must hold a Protection Plan subscription to apply for commissions. You earn a one-time commission of $165 every time you sell their $499 product. And within the first 30 days of getting started, the first sale must be completed.

Direct Commissions:

You may directly sell FES products to clients and receive a fee of $165 per $499 service sold. However, the first sale must be made within the first 30 days.

Customer Acquisition Bonus:

You get a commission when you hire someone, and they go on to make $399 in their first 70 days. Rank is the foundation of the commission. This bonus will earn you $100 if you’re the first rank, and you’ll earn $550 if you’re the ninth rank. There are commissions at each rank, between $100 and $550.

Residual Commissions:

This is the section that rewards recruiting and is where the bulk of your money will be made. The commission structure at FES is one-level and looks like the following:

You make money depending on what you offer to the people below. Depending on GV + rank and a few other variables, how much you get.

R&R Club

Those who experience FES success and recruit 500+ affiliates with active personal protection plans get what’s known as an R&R bonus. These are different bonuses that go towards rent, car payments, retirement bonuses, and more.

Cost to Join Financial Education Services

The cost of joining Financial Education Programs is $249 or $199 and $89 a month (Protection Plan). To qualify for commissions, consider a Security Plan subscription necessary. There is a $249 affiliate membership option that is unclear.

Verdict on Financial Education Services

The Insurance Package for Financial Education Services (FES) is not a scam. This is a fantastic opportunity for a lot of people living in the US. The payout can be very lucrative, but to earn a substantial salary, you would have to find many individuals to refer to the scheme, but that’s how any organization operates. There is a bit of a gap between the reimbursement package for Financial Education Providers and its services.

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