EPIC Trading Review

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EPIC Trading Review

EPIC Trading Review – A Great Forex Trading Opportunity or a Scam?

What is Epic Trading?

EPIC Trading Review is a platform that allows an individual to set of multidisciplinary skills. The platform is a recently launched multi-level marketing company introduced in September this year.

This platform focuses on forex education, trade alerts, and market forecasts, live trading sessions, fundamental analysis of current trends and events, and includes a multi-level marketing referral program.

Considering the recent Report on digital marketing and online investing, EPIC Trading Review platform also turned a few heads. People are looking forward to exploring different skills and using them to generate extra income instead of undergoing five work.

Routine invest a lot of attention and efforts in making it their own in the quest for financial independence success.

People have various opinions on this trading opportunity, with being excited to know about it and looking forward to it.

At the same time, the others were full of criticism about how the scheme was not as compensating.

As it should have been and pointed out many other loopholes to support their viewpoint. There are many views, be it positive or negative but just out of Sheet curiosity. Every aspect of this program ourselves to understand existing functionalities better while also paying close attention to merits and demerits. Ready? Let us begin.

How to Get Started?

Epic Trading Review has made an effort to reach out to masses by offering massive range of forex education resources. These resources primarily include live on spot videos and recorded videos on different aspects of forex trading.

They have laid out entire training manuals to help an individual navigate their progress to understand forex trading. Apart from the manuals and videos, EPIC Trading Review can also opt for their one on one support incentive that allows you to directly come under an expert and pave your way to your idealized point.

Apart from all this, EPIC Trading Review also offer a complete marketing system. This marketing system is engineered so that it allows you to gradually but surely make progress in your efforts and will result in you being able to switch your referral side into a full-fledge practical business model.

Suppose you want to consider the entire product list launched by Epic. In that case, it is as follows:- EPIC Trading Review, EPIC University, EPIC Trade Alerts, Live Trading Sessions, Fundamental Analysis, Market Forecasts, Member Support, 2 Week Syllabus, and lastly 20 Pips and Dip Trade Strategy.

Understanding the Objectives

Without a doubt, Epic Trading Review company’s Owner is a significant representation of the company’s ideas and framework. David McCoy is currently serving as founder and Owner of the organization, with its general headquarters based in Henderson, Nevada.

In this context, the name is the abbreviation of Exceptional People Incredible Compensation, and the following statement can clearly understand the main agenda of the organization:

“Epic is a global training company that provides a variety of educational resources and creates an environment for people of all backgrounds to learn a life-long skill while also pursuing their financial dreams and goals.

We believe that to which much is given, much is require, so through our foundation, we will enrich movements and causes that are relevant to making our world a safer and better place.

Finally, commit to providing life-changing opportunities to all partners, customers, and demonstrating highest levels of integrity, customer service, and character”. 

Considering the specific business model that they have considered, if you look a little closer at it, you can see that it can be truly considered similar to business models that have been up and running for a while now.

This offers EPIC Trading Review a unique competitive advantage: it can study and analyze the performance of these already functioning business models.

Built one for themselves that caters to all the faults in design, creation, and execution that are limiting the progress of its peers. The program EPIC Trading Review is uniquely designed so that the more you invest time into it; the more you begin to feel like being mentally attached to it. This phenomenon often encourages a person to undertake the whole program.

Eeventually, find issues and limitations, but attachment helps build and undertake program to progress eventually by learninggrowing with these limitations.

Getting Started With Earning

The most incredible catch and attention-grabbing aspect of the whole program are, without a second thought, the money-generating capability that it offers.

After learning a few skills from an affordable program, money-generating capability can be very handy.

Especially in circumstances like those where every social interaction poses risk not just but near and dear to you.

Because of the flux of workers that eventually aim to break free of their supposedly repetitive and boring office routine

The program inclines one toward the work from a home culture, which is an increasingly prefer method these days.

The program’s two major sources of income are compensation and through the signals or forex training.

At first, let’s consider the compensation option in a little more detail about EPIC Trading Review. Through your respective mentor’s training you have chosen to associate with, you make progress in your program by exploiting the various marketing techniques that are gradually outline.

Earn Opportunities

The whole process is engaging and exciting in it and also guarantees to earn opportunities. The compensation part is divide into hierarchies or ranks, and to get to the first rank, all you need to do is get yourself,

The program inclines one toward the work from a home culture, which is an increasingly preferred method these days.

customers. Think of it as a type of initiation step. These customers must also qualify for the first rank.

Now think of scheme as a tree with its branches that further stem into more branches, so and so forth.

The first rank will enable you to get a free membership, this being your first major milestone.

The program inclines one toward the work from a home culture, EPIC Trading Review which is an increasingly prefer method these days.

The membership is completely free of cost until you make enough progress in getting to the second rank.

The second rank not free of cost, the person has usually started to make earning him and buying a membership.

The next step will be to reconsider those three customers that were the key to your free membership and get them to convince three other people( for every one of your first three customers).

Become their first customers enabling them to get free memberships and the customers or new members can continue to cycle likewise.

There are a total of twelve ranks for the entire program. It is not very difficult to understand the whole ranking hierarchy. Every person initially starts as a customer valued at ninety-nine dollars before attaining their memberships and getting to rank one.

The ranking can divided into Founder, Ambassador, and most prestigious and rewarding Icon categories, each specification having perks and requirements.

Founder Ranks

The Founder category consists of Founder rank one, which dont pay anything and requires three customers on behalf of participant.

This is followed by the five hundred ranks, which demand ten downline customers distribute into different legs and a monthly earning of exactly five hundred dollars.

After this comes one thousand ranks, which asks its users to have thirty customers rewarding thousand dollar earning every month.

This rank precedes the two thousand rank demanding eighty customers and a subsequent earning of two thousand dollars per month.

The program inclines one toward work from home culture, EPIC Trading Review which is an increasingly prefer method these days.

Last category is five thousand rank allowing users earn five thousand dollars every month for two hundred and fifty customers.

Epic Trading Review category requires the user consistently maintain their IBO status while ensuring their customers distribute according to the numbers specified.

After you have exceeded the founder category, you come across the Ambassador category, which also requires its users to constantly maintain IBO status and have their customers distributed in different legs with a specified number in each leg.

The rank ten in this category demands five hundred customers for a monthly earning of ten thousand dollars.

Rank twenty is the intermediate rank that asks for a thousand customers rewarded by monthly balance of twenty thousand dollars.

“The Ambassador category has the rank five hundred as its last and most prolific subcategory paying an amount of fifty thousand dollars on a monthly basis upon securing twenty-five hundred customers.”

The second most lucrative category is the Icon category. This level’s initial stage is the rank of one hundred offers a sum of one hundred thousand dollars every month upon successfully securing five thousand individuals as your customers.

The second subsection in this category is the two hundred ranks, EPIC Trading Review deposits of two hundred thousand dollars per month upon securing up to fifteen thousand customers.

Lastly, this subcategory guarantees you a handsome five hundred thousand dollar package every month in exchange for forty thousand customers. The final stage, makemoneywhilehome also happens to be name Epic, promises staggering million dollar figure to secure seventy-five thousand customers.

These last two categories demand full-time IBO status of participant and each leg consisting of a specified number of customers.

There are other bonuses that will be added, but have not been announced yet…

Is Epic Trading a Scam?

Now that we have somewhat had a look at how and what the program proposes and how much can we expect to earn from it on a weekly/monthly basis, and how to go about getting started with the program while being just a beginner, lets come to our main concern and purpose for this entire EPIC Trading Review

Is the whole trading program a real-life opportunity or just a scam?

We live in an age where our lives are heavily dependent on social media. There has been exponential increase in social media usage without doubt if we look at trends in the last decade.

Many individuals have taken this opportunity to make an earning out of social media. These days, our feeds on YouTube and Instagram are fill with people and individuals claiming that they are mentors.

Expertise in digital marketing, content creation, strategy formulation, and whatnot. They speak about financial independence and EPIC Trading Review refer courses and content that have created a possible gateway to a successful life.

This platform presents us with a real and understandable working opportunity, which, without a doubt.

Demands a distinct skill set itself so that the user may continue to progress on their behalf.  

This scheme should not be consider a scam. However,

The program inclines one toward the work from a home culture, which is an increasingly,

it is quite uncertain how long this plan will remain open as a money earning opportunity.

Suppose the individual smartly tackles the challenges presented in earning and securing customers while simultaneously effectively manipulating the marketing techniques. In that case, they have a very profitable source of income at their disposal.

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