Amway Scam: Still Legit Network Marketing Business in 2021 or Scam?

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Although new MLM companies seem to pop up virtually every day, Amway is one that has been around for decades. Amway offers a very diverse product line that covers everything from household cleaners to health and beauty. Amway is probably the largest MLM corporation globally, but they have had their fair share of controversies and inquiries, like all other MLMs.

Amway Review – The Company

Amway is an MLM corporation with a turnover of $8.80 billion in 2018, claiming to be the world’s largest direct sale company. In the nation, Amway has over 3 million sales employees. Steve Van Andel and Doug DeVos founded it in 1959. The corporation has its headquarters in Michigan. Amway was ranked number one in 2018 by Direct Sale News.

According to Amway’s Vice President of Manufacturing, their main mission is helping people live better lives through their fitness, home, and beauty products. In September 2019, to help solve childhood nutrition challenges, Amway partnered with Kids’ Food Basket, a non-profit organization based in Michigan. Every day, they deliver over 8,000 nutritious “snack dinners” through the Kids’ Food Basket.

Amway has been consistently accused, like most MLMs, of being a pyramid scheme and not a legitimate business opportunity. The Federal Trade Commission conducted an inquiry into the corporation’s operating practices in the late 1970s. In 1979, the FTC released a ruling that Amway did not fit the concept of a pyramid scheme; they found, however, that Amway had made exaggerated sales promises to prospective distributors.

Amway Reviews – The Product Line

Amway has an extensive product range, and the company offers all kinds of products, ranging from dietary supplements to cleaning supplies. Scanning through the U.S. website of the company shows that approximately 600 different products are available for purchase. One of their most famous products is their line of eco-friendly cleaners.

Their lineup of household cleaners at big retailers like Amazon regularly gets positive feedback. Almost every brand, from laundry detergent to concentrated cleaner in the lineup, has earned more than four stars from customer feedback. It tells us more about the success of goods sold by Amway.

Amway Nutrilite

Nutrition and dietary supplements from Amway are available today under the Nutrilite brand. Such goods get good feedback as well. In reality, one of Amway’s top-selling brands is Nutrilite. Another of the best sellers of Amway is the Artistry skincare lineup. Artistry promotes itself as using more natural ingredients than other brands of cosmetics.

Cost to Join Amway

While there’s no registration cost to join Amway, it is expected that you will buy a certain amount of products to get yourself started. This is in the form of a few different starter kits. You can also purchase random products to create your starter kit. According to my research, you will need to buy around $100 worth of products to get started.

Amway Compensation Plan

You need to sign up to become an Amway IBO (Independent Business Owner) with an Amway sponsor. From there, your sponsor will train you on how to sell and promote products. You would need to buy about $100 worth of items to get started. You receive a commission on any product you sell while you are enrolled as an IBO. In reality, the business emphasizes the fact that you never receive cash from sponsoring other IBOs. You should, however, subscribe to new IBOs and build up your sales team. You will work together to achieve sales targets and win incentives for your team. If the team misses the target, no one on the team gets a cut of the reward. Hit the target, and the team shares the bonus reward. The more your team sells, the higher the bonus percentage, resulting in a higher paycheck.

The new compensation system is set up deliberately to escape the stigma of the pyramid scheme. The business needs to spend at least 80 percent of an IBO’s time promoting and selling real goods, not attempting to sign up for a downline.

What Is The Real Amway Success Rate?

Marketing and selling the products of Amway does not vary much from selling any related products. The best way to start selling goods is by possibly having a vast network of connections. A great way to get customers to buy is to create a wide following on social media and show those connections the importance of the goods you sell.

Since the goods are available across so many different outlets, the viewer or following is almost a requirement today. Customers will purchase these items at many distributors, so you need to give them a reason to buy from you. Offer them any value that they can’t get otherwise, such as nutritional supplement recipes or cleaning tips to go with the cleaning products.

Conclusion on My Amway Review

Today, Amway is the biggest and one of the world’s oldest MLM firms. Their diverse and varied product selection includes something for all. Since very few of its IBOs make a respectable income, revenue expectations should be tempered. However, if you change your mind, you can get your signup fee refunded within 90 days. Amway is an entirely legitimate corporation with a chance to make money. Only be mindful that it’s going to take hard work and might not be a full-time income.

Amway is not a scam, but you have to work very hard to make money. For someone who would rely solely on the income from selling Amway goods, this form of opportunity might not be a good idea. This type of offer is ideal for someone who wants to make a little extra money by organizing parties at work or by other groups like parenting groups.

Why not build your own online company if you are genuinely interested in making money and keeping a flexible schedule? That way, as opposed to having others tell you what you must promote, you choose what you want to promote. Check out my number one advice on how to develop your own online company if this sounds better for you. You’re not going to have to ask your mates for parties to throw or get them to join you. But you’re going to get free training, hosting, and a lot of assistance!

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