Amway Review

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Amway is a direct-selling company that has been in operation for more than 50 years and claims to have helped more than 3 million Independent Business Owners (IBOs) forge their path to success. The firm says this by providing a broad, exclusive product portfolio, comprehensive training opportunities, full customer service, and more.

With just 11 closed complaints over the past three years, Amway is based out of Ada, MI, and has an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau. Amway seems to have a generally negative reputation among IBOs, and during our study, the most common concerns we heard cited trouble making money, high prices, and deceptive hiring tactics.

Amway Review: The Products

Amway is a direct-selling firm at its essence. This implies that their business model is focused on customers who sell their exclusive goods, receiving commissions from each sale. Categories of Amway products for sale include:

  • Nutrition – Vitamins and supplements, sports nutrition, weight management, and energy drinks.
  • Beauty – Skincare, makeup, and more.
  • Bath and Body – Oral care, body care, and hair care.
  • At Home – Surface care, laundry, cookware, dish detergent, cookware.
  • Jewelry and Accessories – Bracelets, necklaces, gift sets, and more.
  • Fragrances – Several collections from Personal Accents.

You are required to register as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) to sell Amway goods, giving you the chance to gain an income from their Compensation Package. After signing up as an IBO, Amway believes that, because of their world-class business tools, help, education, training, as well as mentoring, you will never be alone. However, the truth is that most individuals never make any money, regardless of how fantastic the organization makes its business opportunity seems.

How Amway Works

Amway targets financially and emotionally insecure people and promises safety, families, and money to them.  In their personal relationships, safe people are not easily brainwashed by Amway’s creepy “family” angle. Additionally, the “exciting opportunity” to “build an asset” for themselves is rarely swayed by those with ample income. The tried and tested technique of targeting the vulnerable is majorly used by Amway. It is easy to see why being part of Amway sounds like a good time for someone who has been feeling lonely by actively seeking friendships, setting up mentors, and creating an active community.

By recruiting, Amway makes the majority of its profits. Therefore, not only will there be a major focus on selling goods, but also on hiring participants. As much as many goods you sell yourself, you can receive commissions from the products your referrals sell. So you will need a lot of recruits to make A LOT of cash with this business.

Furthermore, Amway products are not FDA licensed, like other products promoted by MLMs. This means you will not make any guarantees for any of the things you are promoting. Bear in mind that you run the risk of dropping out if your recruits do not excel, which would further hit your commissions and bonuses. If you want to know if you can make money with this company, you’ll have to ask yourself if you have a large network, a lot of friends, relatives, neighbors who like Amway products, and how they would feel about purchasing products that are not necessarily guaranteed.

Cost of Joining Amway

Amway charges $100 annually for registration to register as an Independent Business Owner. This expense includes access to required services and materials. Should you terminate within 90 days after prior registration, this charge is 100 percent refundable.

Amway Review: The Verdict

Amway has been in operation for more than half a century, and they pay according to their compensation plan. There are some things you should bear in mind, though, if you’re thinking of becoming an Amway Independent Business Owner.

Firstly, the initial start-up expense is usually only the beginning. On top of monthly meetings, regional meetings, and conferences, you will also have a monthly sales quota to fulfill. And sadly, almost all of these expenses will be your responsibility.

In addition, most IBOs would use any Amway goods they are trying to market, which will raise your start-up costs further. The truth is that only a small few can eventually understand financial freedom by selling Amway goods.

Next, communicating with other IBOs or Amway members could seem like a fantastic opportunity to earn a lot of money, make your schedule, develop your own company, and more. The truth is that to succeed, any form of direct sales opportunity requires a tremendous amount of time and effort, not to mention a natural desire to sell. Amway is also very deceitful on how effortless they make their business prospects appear, which is far from the truth.

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