7K Metals Review: A Scam Pyramid Scheme or Legit Business?

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Lately, 7K Metals has gotten a lot of coverage on the media. Several network marketers are trying to sell this opportunity all over the world, even all over social media. 7K Metals is a multi-level marketing business that delivers precious metals to individuals interested in investing in silver, gold coins and bars. Nevertheless, you have to become an associate of the 7K Metals Company for you to buy precious metal goods. Regardless of investing in the silver and gold bullion, enrolling new members into the company’s MLM network, you tend to make great commissions. Since it uses the network’s marketing technique, does it mean that 7K Metals is a scam? Let’s explore it.

7K Metals Review: The Company

7k Metals was founded in 2016 as a multi-level marketing enterprise. To meet more clients, this Idaho-based company depends on this marketing strategy. 7k Metals allows individuals to pay for subscription packages to give them access to their precious metal goods. 7k Metals aim to impact people’s lives globally as its founders are aware of the financial harm that would affect those individuals if the economy collapsed shortly. Even with the advent of sudden and unprecedented incidents, these individuals can bounce back because they are in possession of certain properties.

7k Metals aims to help people gain financial freedom, unlike other precious metal companies that help individuals invest alone. If they have gained financial freedom, they can then continue to secure their future by buying silver and gold reserves. Very low precious metal prices are guaranteed for those who enter this company through the MLM scheme. These members get the precious metals at the price at which 7k Metals bought them.

7K Metals Review: The Products

7K Metals is a retail shopping experience “not opened to the public” where customers must completely enter the username of a referring member before they can purchase any product. You are often guided and invited to become a member (not compelled) during the retail experience, which is a very bad retail experience, which means that 7K Metals have no real retail services or goods, just their delusions. The key products that 7k sells are precious metals. They are presented in various combinations and styles. The key categories that this business offers include:

7k Selected

This is a set of the top precious metal items whose value is set to increase tremendously when sustained for the long term.


7k Metals has an assortment of silver and gold jewelry. You can access them at very inexpensive rates through 7k Metals if you have always wanted to put on chains, bracelets, watches, rings, and monkey clips made of precious metals.

Dealer Direct

As a member of 7k Metals, you can get access to some of the best offers provided by the largest bullion suppliers. This helps you to buy greater quantities of precious metal items at very low prices.

7K Gear

7k has several accesories that everyone can buy. They include phone wallets, backpacks, fleece sweaters, fitted hats, t-shirts, and a polo shirt.7kmetals.com

In addition to these products, this organization provides a loyalty package that is a financial program in its way. You can either pay for the regular membership or the premium membership. You are also expected to pay for travel savings cards in both cases, for which the rates differ depending on your membership plan.

Cost of Joining 7K Metals

For a daily membership of 7K Metals, it will cost you US$249 per year. You also have the option of US$499 for an enhanced premium membership. When it comes to receiving from the reward package, the only difference between the two membership tiers is the 7K Metals Coin Of The Month and what coins you get, and more points (if you recruit premium members). You will be “taxed” US$10 each time you want to cash out.

You may invite people to join this program as a 7k Metals member and get more commissions when they join. This organization’s affiliate program is focused on a multi-level marketing system, meaning your earning potential is greater. By entering the network very early, you will accumulate more funds. All that is expected from you is to make sure you invite really ambitious and successful affiliates to send recurring revenue to your account.

7K Metals Compensation Plan

You join and pay an annual fee as a 7K Metals member and distributor, and you receive only based on the recruitment. You are recruiting other members and motivating the members to recruits more.

The binary 7k metal compensation model is divided into two legs; the left leg, and the right leg. Typically the pay leg in a  binary compensation contract is the weaker of the two legs. However, this is not the case for 7K Metals. You recruit a minimum of 2 people for the binary pay package, who recruits two more and the process continues like that. In the binary model, each subsequent stage has twice as many recruits as the previous one.

Your earnings are based entirely on the recruitment of new members and the sale of coins by recruits. Commissions are tracked utilizing the points system as follows:

  • Recruiting a Regular Member US$249 per year earns you 100 points
  • Recruiting a Premium Member US$$499 per year earns you 150 points
  • When a recruited member buys coins, you can earn 20 points.

Points are tallied up every week and, when 500 points are reached on both legs, you earn US$500.  There are earning caps in place with 7K Metals and are based on rank:

  • Associate Rank: Qualification here is when you have recruited (and maintained) a minimum of 2 commission qualified members, one on each binary leg. Commissions at this rank are capped at US$500 per week.
  • Copper Rank: Qualification here is when you have recruited (and maintained) a minimum of 4 commission qualified members (2 of which are required to be Associate members), two on each binary leg. Commissions at this rank are capped at US$1,000 per week.
  • Bronze Rank: Qualification here is when you have recruited (and maintained) a minimum of 6 commission qualified members (2 of which are required to be Copper members), 3 on each binary leg. Commissions at this rank are capped at US$2,000 per week.
  • Silver Rank: Qualification here is when you have recruited 10 commission qualified members (2 of which are required to be Bronze members), 5 on each binary leg. Commissions at this rank are capped at US$3500 per week.
  • Gold Rank: Qualification here is when you have recruited 16 commission qualified members (2 of which are required to be Silver members), 5 on each binary leg. Commissions at this rank are capped at US$7,000 per week.

To qualify for commissions, you need to generate a minimum of 20 points every 32 days. Unmatched points get carried over from one week to the next if you did not hit your commission cap.

7K Metals Review: Is it a Scam?

Well, I can’t really say that 7K Metals is a scam, but what I’m going to say is that it’s very risky, in my opinion, and because only associates can buy the goods, it looks a bit like a pyramid system. 7K Metals is a legitimate MLM company rather than a fraud. When you pay for it, you’ll get something in exchange. Besides, no need to worry about the authenticity of the goods they offer since they are registered, meaning that they are not swindling individuals in terms of company. They have a strong leadership and leadership team, which means they are somewhat reliable.

At the same time, they have products that can be accessible by registered members. This worries me because without purchasing a membership. It seems that, rather than the goods, there is more emphasis on the real market opportunity. That’s not something I want; I have to admit. In addition, the incentive package seems pretty boring, and I think even an experienced marketer will struggle, let alone a novice, to make money from it.

But it’s fair to say overall that I’m not going to recommend the 7K Metals opportunity to you because I don’t think it’s going to help you make money as it says. To be sincere, I assume that you’d probably be lose more money if you joined. I hope that my review here helped you out, and hopefully, it gave you a deeper insight into how the whole thing works.

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