25 Dollar 1up Review – – Great Business Opportunity or Cash Gifting Scam?

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There has been a lot of talk about the new affiliate program ’25 Dollar 1up’ recently. I’m going to cover the 25 Dollar 1Up Affiliate Marketing Program, how it works, what’s included in this program, the cost of becoming a member in the back office in this 25 Dollar 1Up Affiliate Marketing review post. I will also discuss who this program is ideal for and how you can take advantage of it.

25 Dollar 1up Review – What is it?

1Up Affiliate Marketing is a simple, beginner-friendly framework with five levels of products for digital marketing training. It allows you to gain a passive online income when working from anywhere. All you have to do is share it through a capture page and a 7-minute video with others.

It is called a compensation package for Reverse 1Up, where you make 100% direct payment from any transaction. This ensures that you are refunded the money you spent on the first sale. However, the only catch is that you have to pass your second one to the person who supported you when you entered the program. Then your third sale and every purchase after that are yours to profit, and their second sale will be passed on by someone you support. With this software, you can also create a big team, and you can earn up to $250-$500+ a day.

25 Dollar 1up Reviews – The Product Line

Under the 25 Dollar 1UP program, you will be presented with some instruments and preparation after you upgrade. You will be able to access all of the gold member options when you upgrade to the $25 stage.

The level of Gold is $25 and includes:

  • 100+ Pre-written advertisements, scripts & messages for follow-up
  • Facebook Cheatsheet Party
  • Videos for Attitude training
  • Step by step tutorials about the framework

The Platinum Level, which is $100, includes:

  • Tutorial course on Facebook marketing
  • YouTube instructional marketing lesson
  • An Instagram video marketing course
  • The option to add up to 12 banner ads to your downline to advertise it.
  • The ability to add your own automated 3rd party responder
  • The option to add 1 video to the downline to brand yourself.

The Diamond Level, which is $250 (+ $50 Software fee), includes:

  • All Gold level characteristics
  • All Platinum level characteristics
  • Building 101 video course list
  • The video course on digital marketing lifestyle
  • The $10K video course for Blueprint
  • Teespring video course
  • The ability to add your video for sales

The $500 Enterprise Standard (+ $50 Software Fee) includes:

  • All Gold Level Features
  • All Platinum level characteristics
  • All characteristics of the diamond level
  • How to close the video course for High Ticket Sales
  • How to systemize the video course for your online companies
  • In The Modern Day video course, Video Marketing
  • How to build your video course for items
  • Video course on Growth Mentality
  • Video course Power Of Implementation.

We can see at all levels below that package, if you first order the highest level package, you will be entitled in the back office to add up to 12 videos. However, with this system, you can start at the bottom level and work your way up. Each membership level exposes you to new educational products and features of the system to help you develop yourself as an online marketer for the 25D1Up system or any other business you promote. As an online marketer, expand your business and increase your trust over time. Grow your company and increase your confidence over time as an online marketer.

25 Dollar 1up Compensation Plan

A 1-Up form of commission arrangement is composed of the compensation package. For decades, in various projects, the commission system has been successfully introduced in different businesses. There are two available tiers or packages that are:

  • The Gold Package ($25 one-time)
  • The Platinum Package ($100 one-time)
  • The Degree of Diamond ($250 one-time)
  • The degree of Enterprise ($500)

The $25 level is the minimum level required to begin earning commissions. Optional are the higher levels. This unique payment schedule is structured, contrary to how confusing the structures of an MLM company commission can be due to their sophistication. The primary reason is that this service is technically an associate program and not a corporation of MLM. And here is how the compensation package should be broken down:

  • You keep and receive either $25 or $125 commissions from that entity for the 1st personal referral.
  • The 2nd private referral is moved in line to your sponsor or next eligible line up sponsor.
  • The third personal referral you refer to gives you a commission of $25 or $125.

You hold all commissions received at this stage when you hit your 3rd personally supported member and make $25 or $125 commissions from those referrals. I claimed that you could either receive $25 or both $100 and $25 commissions, as you noted. This suggests that you are only entitled to receive $25 commissions if you only bought the $25 level.

If you are at both levels, which is the gold level of $25 and the platinum level of $100, you are entitled to receive from both levels, and that is where the commissions of $125 come from. This suggests that if the sponsor is only eligible at the level of $25, they can only earn the commissions of $25 and transfer the commissions of $100 to the next sponsor in line upline. To gain access to commissions, you would need to buy at least the $25 Gold Level Kit.

Cost to Join 25 Dollar 1up

The cost of entering the 25 Dollar 1 Up is highly affordable. For a minimum of $35 that includes a $10 hosting fee and Gold Level access, you can join. Hosting the partner sites and consumer data covers this host fee. The rates for the membership standard are as follows:

  • The Gold Standard is $25
  • The level of platinum is $100
  • The Diamond Level is $250 (+ $50 charge for software)
  • The Enterprise Standard is $500 (+ Software Charge $50)

25 Dollar 1up Review – The Conclusion

We are now at the concluding part of this 25 Dollar 1Up Affiliate Marketing Review; you are maybe wondering if 25 Dollar 1Up Affiliate Marketing is a Scam? My answer is No. However, I would not recommend something like this if I was under the impression that it is a scam. There are hundreds of people who are currently earning money through 25 Dollar 1Up Affiliate Marketing every day.

Having said that, if you are looking for online marketing to get your feet wet, then this is the software for you. This is the fastest online program to enter and make your first dollar. With different training at each level, it’s an inexpensive and simple business opportunity. No monthly fees are available, which is great.

LifeVantage Review / Recommendation

If you landed on this blog and is a distributor already, I can tell you this one thing

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There is a must better way…

  • What if you could attract customers that actually want to buy your product?
  • What if you had systems in places that actually follow up on your behalf without you being glued to the phone?
  • What if you could SCALE your business without actually working harder?

If that peaked your interest, I want to show you how you can get customers and sponsor new reps online that want to join you.

The best part is we give every single student a ONE on ONE advisor to make sure they understand the training and systems so they can start implementing as soon as possible.

This is EXACTLY how I went from a over worked car mechanic to building a 7 figure business online without trading time for money anymore.

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